Feb 12 • 36M

Ambassadors for Freedom on the Road to Rebellion

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Seasoned journalists Mad Dug and Anthony Anderson are serving up an old fashioned plate of Woke Up! It’s all the news, all the entertainment, all the politics, and all served to you with a fresh slice of their delicious in-your-face humour. Mmm, I’m getting hungry!
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As the horns of freedom ring throughout the Great White North, join the fearless freedom fighters Mad Dug and Anthony as they hit the road to rebellion, driving a wedge into the heartless beat of tyrannical dictator Justin Trudeau’s loveless mandates. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mother Trucker! 

Join the Woke Up! Zoo Crew as they take a jab at how government pandemic overreach affects everyone from AOC to Dougie Ford and those Big Tech sleaze balls GoFundMe. Where did all that money really go? Can someone call Room Service!!! 

PLUS: Take a trip with Mad Dug as he attempts to claim a vaccine injury, learn why the experimental jab is not like a seatbelt, and the only expert anyone should be listening to Dr. Jordan Peterson covers Aerosmith. It’s a wild ride rocking in the free world. Breaker, Breaker, here's our shot at crashing the government's mandate. It's time to get Woke Up!